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Weeknotes #1

Yup, that’s right, I’m jumping on the weeknotes bandwagon! Consider this an experiment, and we’ll see how long it lasts.

Turn Jekyll up to Eleventy

I assemble a heavenly host of cherubs to sing the virtues of the Eleventy static site generator. By looking at how it compares to the familiar Ruby-based Jekyll, I may have you humming its tune for this season’s holiday projects. But will it put you on cloud eleven?


A two-week stay in Berlin not only gave me time to explore the city, but also space to question the direction of my career and address a growing sense of disillusionment with my profession.


On German Unity Day, a tour of Tempelhof Airport proved to be a powerful act of remembrance.


Another identity from the offices of Pentagram that elicits a feeling somewhere between despair and indifference.

Google Duplex

In a society where truth and trust are a scarce resource, Google introduce an incredibly foolish product.