Series 3 of The Crown continues with its inch-perfect recreation of the modern Elizabethan age, yet I find it hard to believe The Guardian ever occupied an office so spacious and stylish as that depicted in episode 4.

Le Man’s ’66 (aka Ford v Ferrari) is beautifully shot and unexpectedly comical in places, but any enjoyment is given pause by its vivid depiction of the often tragic consequences of motorsport, particularly during that era. “Sometimes they don’t get out of the car.”

A slight burnt smell in the air suddenly has my mind unwittingly strolling along University Avenue in Palo Alto. How strange.

Heading back to London on a Eurostar Class 373 carrying its original livery. Though bashed about a bit – the interior has seen better days – this iconic 25-year-old train stirs memories of when advancing under the Channel was an intriguing yet unnerving prospect.

After a 10-hour drive beset by delays, finally arrived in Dolgellau. Had planned on camping this evening, but given the awful weather, found a hotel instead. Turns out its manager previously owned The Signalman, the pub at the end of my street. Small world!

After many years reading RSS feeds with the supremely elegant and stylish Reeder, very much enjoying a return to the stripped back simplicity of NetNewsWire (currently in alpha).

Hard to believe that a Danny Boyle film, written by Richard Curtis and featuring the music of the Beetles, could turn out to be so distinctly average and yet, apart from one pivotal scene towards the end, Yesterday proved to be less than the sum of its parts.

When it comes to public transport, the Dutch really have their shit together, don’t they.

While it’s lovely to be back in Amsterdam, given this is my fourth visit in five years, feeling somewhat inured by it all. Excited by the prospect of venturing further afield on Saturday… Zaanse Schans perhaps?