This week I renewed my business insurance with Ashley @_withjack. Personal, informative and helpful customer service, and policies that are competitive and comprehensive. What’s not to love!?

Spent much of today aboard trains going in the wrong direction, i.e. headed towards home. But! I get to spend all day tomorrow here in Cologne, which makes me very happy (as does the Kölsch).

Taking advantage of the flexibility of my Interrail pass, and spending an extra day in Oslo. High probability I may never leave at all.

After a week of grey, horrid weather, the clouds lift and blue skies finally appear over Stockholm. In this part of Europe at least, all is bright and well.

The @Eurostar team at St. Pancras are genuine heroes. First, given disruption on the Brighton Main Line, they happily rebooked me on to the next train to Brussels. Later, having returned to the departure gates too late, they helped rush me through check-in and passport control.

Surely a rite of passage for designers of government services, spent the day with the friendly @‪DACcessibility ‬folk in Neath. Not only did their knowledge and insights deepen my appreciation of inclusive design, but it underscored the undeniable necessity of this approach.

Played 5-a-side for the first time in many, many years. Scored a hat-trick.

Liquid football.

Who’d have thought there’d be a common theme between the film I watched last weekend, Pitch Perfect, and tonight’s feature, Knives Out.

And who’d have thought that theme would be projectile vomiting. 🤮

Arrive home in Brighton after a late night in London. Several steps from the station, and my shoes are already sodden. Half way home, encounter an entirely flooded footpath.

This is not normal.

A fire alarm, power cut and forced evacuation of the building didn’t stop us from shipping; ’Apply for teacher training’ is officially – live! And it’s all down to everyone in the amazing team I’ve worked with over the last 8 months.

This is just the beginning. Onwards!

Watched all three Pitch Perfect movies, and not going to lie, they had me in stitches. Aca-scuse me? You better aca-believe it!