Banana break loaf and its first slice.
Beautiful pastel sunset, reflected in the puddles on the beach.
Desk and chair, positioned next to the window in my living room.
Original image (James Estrin/The New York Times).
Poster for ‘Hack the Planet’.
Headstone reads: “In loving memory of George Bradshaw of Manchester, England who died at Christiania September 6th 1853 aged 53 years”.
Tram travelling down a narrow street.
Yellow Romanticist castle sat behind a large turretted wall.
Classically designed building with a clock tower on top.
Railway station with a large glass and concrete roof above.
A pedrestrian street with puddles reflecting the red Chinese lantens hung overhead.
Tall modernist church with a colourful sky behind it.
Sculpture in Planten un Blomen.
Bronze sculpture of a woman lying on her side, viewed from above.
Long slit windows of Tempelhof’s departure and arrival hall.
White tram passes in front of a cream building.
Cruise ship, city and islands from high above.
Modern building with French and EU flags flying outside.
Looking up at a tall red lighthouse.
Bright fishing floats and nets as the sun sets over Roundstone.
Sun setting over the river aside the La Petite France district of Strasbourg.
A female figure holds aloft a ring of 12 stars.
Close up of Dom Tower.
Close up of Sacré-Cœur Basilica.