With his rare combination of design, development and leadership skills, if your team needs help building a digital product, grab hold of Jon before somebody else does!

Wasn’t able to cancel my gym membership, so spent an hour working out instead. The system works.

Always difficult to compare new stuff with the old and familiar, but having watched the first episode of This Time twice now and laughed throughout both viewings, I think it’s safe to say Alan’s back! Incompetent and insecure, out classed and out of touch. Ah-ha!

Still looking! Seeking an interaction design and/or front-end development role. Permanent or contract. Brighton, London or remote. Please share far and wide!

Still digesting the content from yesterday’s @naconf, but in the meantime, I wish to thank @colly and @hellogeri for creating a space in which important and worthwhile topics could be addressed. Was a pleasure to be just a little part of it all.

Made a little modification to my @naconf name badge so as to remove the logo of @shopify, a company that still maintains its support for far-right organisations like Breitbart. A Sharpie has its uses!

Every interview with a politician about Brexit:
Presenter: “So, what happens next?”
Politician: “Well, what happened was…”

Stan & Ollie is a love letter to two comedy maestros and their enduring friendship. With hilarious support from their wives (“two double acts for the price of one”), this funny and heartwarming film is not to be missed.

Remembering that one time in 2005 when I accidentally deleted a construction company’s website while moving some files around over FTP. Simpler times maybe, but not necessarily better times.

Seeking a hybrid design/front-end role with an organisation instigating meaningful change where I can make a worthwhile contribution. Not interested in disrupting the world, just improving it a little. Where should I be looking? Who should I be talking to?

I really want to recommend services like @netlify, but the lesson from history is to avoid pushing one particular company or product. I recommended people use Google once, and look how that turned out.