When it comes to public transport, the Dutch really have their shit together, don’t they.

While it’s lovely to be back in Amsterdam, given this is my fourth visit in five years, feeling somewhat inured by it all. Excited by the prospect of venturing further afield on Saturday… Zaanse Schans perhaps?

After 18 consecutive weeks, have decided to press pause on writing weeknotes. They’re getting harder and harder to compile and take up precious downtime over a weekend. But that’s okay! Was fun while it lasted; perhaps I’ll return to writing them again in the autumn.

Interesting responses to my earlier query, thanks everyone. Seems like a toss-up between Groningen and Maastricht. I’ve got a few days set aside; maybe I should try and visit both?

Each year after attending CSS Day in Amsterdam, I visit a different city in the Netherlands. So far I’ve been to Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. Venturing beyond the Randstad, where should I head this year?

With help from my personal trainer, over the last four years I’ve lost 8kg, and become much stronger and fitter in the process. Tonight was our final session together before he relocates to China. So thanks, Jonny; each sprint finish has been a blast!

I don’t care what you say; Great Western Railway easily has the best livery on the network. If only the same could be said for its service and punctuality.

Watched After Life fully expecting to hate it but, aside from its chocolate-box depiction of England and overly saccharine moments, think it may be Gervais’ finest work since The Office. As vehicles for his opinions go, it’s surprisingly thoughtful and delightful.

Based on @tobefrankj’s glowing recommendation, went to see Us this evening. Proper good horror fodder, aspects of which brought to mind episodes of Inside No. 9 and The Shining, which can be no bad thing. Great soundtrack, too.

“The older you get, the more you realise how ridiculous you are.” – Mark Kermode