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Bexhill-on-Sea, England

Bird’s-eye view

Indiekit is a Node.js application that helps people connect their websites to the independent web. A prominent side-project since 2019, I’ve recently been focusing on fixing bugs and implementing IndieAuth and ActivityPub endpoints. Or, to put it another way, actively avoiding updating the project’s getting started guide or writing other much needed documentation.

It’s all too easy to get lost in the weeds, but last week I was able to take a step back. Posting a photo from my first trip on the Elizabeth Line (using’s iOS app) I counted 5 different places where it would appear:

That last option is particularly useful given Twitter’s death spiral and people I follow migrating to Mastodon.

Migration is less of an issue for me. I love not feeling bound to any particular social network. This website, my website, is the one true home for all the stuff I’ve felt compelled to write down or point a camera at over the years. When a social network disappears, goes out of fashion or becomes inhospitable, I can happily move on with little anguish.

Honestly, I can’t quite believe this is possible thanks to a piece of software I’ve written. Guess you can teach an old dog new tricks, after all.

There’s much more to say about Indiekit, and I will once I’m ready to launch version 1.0 (side note: I’m my own worst product manager). Yet, as the above suggests, it’s already in pretty good shape.

If you’re considering migrating from Twitter to another platform, now might be a good moment to consider posting content to your own website first, before sharing it on other social networks. And if that sounds interesting, maybe Indiekit can help?