November 2018

This self-aggrandising video for the new set of Microsoft Office icons seems so overblown and unnecessary, verging on parody almost. I mean, they look lovely… but maybe tone it down a little!?

Did I see the Northern Lights? Yes… just about. Do I want to share the blurry, doubly exposed and incredibly noisy photos I took? Not so much.

Photos from my brief tour around Iceland’s Golden Circle. Featuring the tectonic plate boundary at Þingvellir, the geysers at Haukadalur and the stunning waterfall at Gullfoss.

Þingvellir National ParkÞingvellir National ParkStrokkur Geysir eruptingGeyser colourisationSigriður Tómasdóttir memorialGullfoss waterfall from above

‪Feeling uplifted and inspired after a day exploring adjacent possibilities around the web and technology at Material 2018. Just what the doctor ordered.