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For the love of the blog

Watch ‘For the love of the blog’

Ben got an email:

Occasionally someone gets in contact with me about my blog. This is usually to say something encouraging – how they’ve stumbled across it and found it useful. Early this year a designer I respect got in touch along these lines to say something similar. He also challenged me – I had recently written about what might be lost when we fall for the promise of convenience. He made the point that defaulting to Medium for publishing fell squarely into that category.

I’ve thought about this a lot, and I now think he’s right.

Hmm, that designer sounds like an intelligent chap! Joking aside, I’m so glad Ben decided to return to blogging on his own site. As I’ve been redesigning this site, I’ve been thinking about what an immense privilege that is. Not only to build something bespoke to your own needs, but also to be less dependant on third-party services – who don’t have a great track record when it comes to looking after their customer’s best interests. As Ben notes:

…creativity is born from experience and a blog is a great place to document ideas, and your thinking as you continue to experience the world around you.