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Brighton, England

Exploring the Causeway Coast

Causeway Coast.

After attending Build in Belfast last month, Chris Armstrong gave Ethan Marcotte, Chris Shifflet and myself a tour of the Causeway Coast which, as the name suggests, is home to the famed Giant’s Causeway. Below is a selection of photos I took during our tour. The full set can be viewed on Flickr.

In tandem with improving my proficiency with a camera, I’m trying to better understand Aperture and make more of my photos. These are the first I’ve processed using VSCO film emulation filters. The initial results are encouraging.

Besides showcasing some recent photography – something I’d like to do more often on this site – this is also an opportunity to experiment with the compressive images technique. The photos on this page have been saved with larger dimensions than required, but also lower quality levels than I would normally use. This should result in smaller file sizes and sharper imagery on high resolution displays. Daan Jobsis was the first to suggest this technique, and his Retina Revolution post is worth a read.

The Causeway Hotel.
The Causeway Hotel: 66% quality, 44 kB.
Tourists besiege the causeway.
Tourists besiege the causeway: 57% quality, 108 kB.
The Giant’s Causeway viewed from above.
The Giant’s Causeway viewed from above: 55% quality, 151 kB.
Large basalt columns.
Large basalt columns: 55% quality, 167 kB.
An hexagonal plastic grid set into the dirt track.
Anything that can be hexagonal, will be hexagonal: 38% quality, 122 kB.
Stormy weather above the Giant’s Causeway.
A storm brewing: 60% quality, 100 kB.
Ballintoy Harbour.
Ballintoy Harbour: 57% quality, 91 kB.