Allianz Arena lit up in red.
Candles inside coloured jars within a dark Cologne Cathedral.
Highly decorated entrance to Florence Cathedral.
Art Deco building on Exeter Street, London.
A Christmas card featuring a photo of Paddington Bear on a political rosette.
Paper coffee cup thats says ‘The Blair Tips Project’.
Illustration of Donald Trump showing his middle finger.
Flooded Preston Circus
Modular concrete block riprap.
Zig Zag Building on Victoria Street reflecting a pink sunset.
Sunset over Brighton’s derilict West Pier.
Me and mum at my graduation in 2002.
My brother, in his graduation robes.
View of rooftops and building construction in Westminster from the top floor of the Department of Education.
Close up of sculpture from ‘Lost Horizon I’ series.
View over the walls of Castelo dos Mouros (Castle of the Moors).
A European Union flag at a rally against the prorogation of Parliament.
Eight beach huts painted various colours.
Old business card for an estate agent called Richard Pine Coffin.
Looking down on people browsing books.
Penmaenpool Toll Bridge.
Frank and Mário.
Black board displaying line up of performers: David O’Doherty, Tim Key, Rose Matafeo, Nish Kumar and John Robins.
Historic windmills of Zaanse Schans.
View down Eikelstraat, a small cobled street.
Egg and bacon sandwich.
A desk covered with brushes, pots, sketches and other materials.
A large illuminated model of the moon hangs over the lake in Brighton’s Queen Park.
270 distance marking on an outdoor velodrome track
Graffiti of Greta Thunberg with the caption ‘Will you join Greta?’
‘New Dark Age’ book
Sign that reads “Open for Fresh Fish”
Sunset over Brighton’s West Pier
‘Endurfæðing’, a sculpture hung from a green wall and made of fish nets
Þingvellir National Park