Look to Europe

In the countdown to Britain leaving the European Union, during January 2020 I shared 31 images from my travels around Europe.

Of the countries I’ve visited, many are members of the EU while some are members of its related institutions and agreements. Throughout, I’ve learnt that we have more in common than that which divides us, and realised that I am and always will be, culturally and emotionally, European.

Items in this collection

  • Highly decorated entrance to Florence Cathedral.
  • Candles inside coloured jars within a dark Cologne Cathedral.
  • Allianz Arena lit up in red.
  • Golden Roof landmark in Innsbruck.
  • Radar station poking through clouds atop a mountain range.
  • Colourful shipping containers sat next to a series of cranes.
  • An illuminated Arc de Triomphe as dusk falls.
  • Blue police lamp above an entrance to a police station.
  • Statue of Rembrandt on Rembrandtplein.
  • The Exchange building in Copenhagen.
  • Looking up at yellow and white clad Cube Houses.
  • Tall medieval bell tower as dusk sets in.
  • People stood outside a highly decorated building.
  • Hungarian Parliament Building.
  • Swimmers in victorian outside thermal baths.
  • Close up of Sacré-Cœur Basilica.
  • Close up of Dom Tower.
  • A female figure holds aloft a ring of 12 stars.
  • Sun setting over the river aside the La Petite France district of Strasbourg.
  • Bright fishing floats and nets as the sun sets over Roundstone.
  • Looking up at a tall red lighthouse.
  • Modern building with French and EU flags flying outside.
  • Cruise ship, city and islands from high above.
  • White tram passes in front of a cream building.
  • Long slit windows of Tempelhof’s departure and arrival hall.
  • Sculpture in Planten un Blomen.
  • Tall modernist church with a colourful sky behind it.
  • Railway station with a large glass and concrete roof above.
  • Classically designed building with a clock tower on top.
  • Yellow Romanticist castle sat behind a large turreted wall.
  • Tram travelling down a narrow street.