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Brighton, England

Thank you, next

What better way to conclude 10 months working with Made Tech than by helping the CORE team at DLUHC pass their Beta assessment (maintaining my 100% record in that regard). Passing this important milestone is just what this small but hard-working team deserve.

As much as Discovery and Alpha phases are important for laying the groundwork, I love delivering immediate and tangible improvements to users, be they citizens or civil servants. Working across all aspects of product development, enabling and encouraging teams to build the right thing, there’s nothing more rewarding for me than working in, with and for the public sector.

That said, before I join another team, it’s time for a well-earned break.

Besides spending some quality time with my extended family – and doubtless enjoying many hours sat on trains somewhere in Europe – I’m looking to release the first version of Indiekit, an open source tool that helps people publish content on their own websites and connect with others, beyond the realm of traditional social media networks.

In the meantime, I’m open to conversations with those looking to fill interaction designer roles in the autumn. Drop me a message me if you have anything you think may be of interest.

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