November 2019

The venial part of my brain says “you’ve never arrived home so late in such heavy rain“.

The rational part of my brain says “this is not normal, this is a climate emergency.”

Honestly, it’s hard to convey the amount of water I’m seeing in the wrong place.

Flooded Preston Circus

Arrive home in Brighton after a late night in London. Several steps from the station, and my shoes are already sodden. Half way home, encounter an entirely flooded footpath.

This is not normal.

A fire alarm, power cut and forced evacuation of the building didn’t stop us from shipping; ’Apply for teacher training’ is officially – live! And it’s all down to everyone in the amazing team I’ve worked with over the last 8 months.

This is just the beginning. Onwards!

Watched all three Pitch Perfect movies, and not going to lie, they had me in stitches. Aca-scuse me? You better aca-believe it!

Back in the gym after a 6-month hiatus. My form hasn’t diminished, but my strength certainly has. End-of-year goal will be to try and regain it.

Series 3 of The Crown continues with its inch-perfect recreation of the modern Elizabethan age, yet I find it hard to believe The Guardian ever occupied an office so spacious and stylish as that depicted in episode 4.

Le Man’s ’66 (aka Ford v Ferrari) is beautifully shot and unexpectedly comical in places, but any enjoyment is given pause by its vivid depiction of the often tragic consequences of motorsport, particularly during that era. “Sometimes they don’t get out of the car.”