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Brighton, England

Weeknotes #11

Turns out writing weeknotes is much trickier when the most compelling things to have occurred over the previous seven days either can’t be shared publicly or are best left undocumented. So, in summary:

  • Working. Lots of meetings, with some clarity emerging.
  • Laughing. More so when watching Fleabag than Partridge.
  • Postponing. Was hoping to catch up with a few friends, but trains and illness scuppered those plans.
  • Signing. A significant petition.
  • Marching. Alongside a million or so others.
  • Despairing. Perpetual bewilderment as Britain’s self-inflicted political crisis deepens.

Sorry, not the best weeknotes. I’ll try to do better next week, promise.

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    “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”

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