May 2019

After 18 consecutive weeks, have decided to press pause on writing weeknotes. They’re getting harder and harder to compile and take up precious downtime over a weekend. But that’s okay! Was fun while it lasted; perhaps I’ll return to writing them again in the autumn.

Interesting responses to my earlier query, thanks everyone. Seems like a toss-up between Groningen and Maastricht. I’ve got a few days set aside; maybe I should try and visit both?

Each year after attending CSS Day in Amsterdam, I visit a different city in the Netherlands. So far I’ve been to Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. Venturing beyond the Randstad, where should I head this year?

After a fantastic evening spent with my DfE colleagues, ended up sharing the train back to Brighton with @mat_walker, @carlsonator and @christt – the sort of happy accident being precisely the reason why I decided to stay in Brighton.

Not sure what’s more maddening: Brexit, or the Independent Group/TIG/Change UK/Remain Alliance’s media and campaign strategy. Bunch of bloody amateurs.

With help from my personal trainer, over the last four years I’ve lost 8kg, and become much stronger and fitter in the process. Tonight was our final session together before he relocates to China. So thanks, Jonny; each sprint finish has been a blast!