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Forthcoming attractions

It’s probably too late to be making New Year resolutions, but it’s worth noting two that have emerged over the last few weeks – and have so far stuck!

The first is to blog more often, being less precious about what I choose to post, and ignoring any concerns about appropriate post length. The second is to attend more talks, events and workshops; or put more simply, get out more. Indeed, I’m writing this while on a short trip to York to see the Destination Stations exhibition at the National Railway Museum.

Hopefully these two resolutions will play into each other. I’ve already written about the Lumiere festival, and here I wish to share a few events I’ve recently bought tickets for. Who knows, you might be interested in them too.

Unit Live!

10 March 2016

A highlight from last year was attending a discussion about collecting graphic art, hosted by Unit Editions at their offices in Kensington. Unit Live! takes place at a much larger venue and will feature a series of talks, including a presentation by Lance Wyman on his life and work.

Motion Design Essentials

11 March 2016

It seems we have now reached a point where animation on the web is not only possible, but expected. I’ve been wanting to incorporate more transitions and motion into my work, yet with little knowledge of the subject I have been reticent to do so. I’m hoping my friend and former colleague Cennydd Bowles can put me on the right track with this one day workshop, which fortuitously takes place the day after Unit Live! Looks like I’ll be spending the night in London, then.

Edward Johnston Talk Series

February - June 2016

The London Transport Museum is marking the 100th anniversary of Edward Johnston’s namesake typeface being introduced to London’s commuters with a series of talks throughout the first half of this year. Of the four, I’ve selected the following:

  • London’s First Fonts – designers Catherine Dixon and Phil Bains explore the importance of lettering, and discuss the impact of Johnston’s typeface on the look and feel of London travel.

  • New Johnston: New font – In 1979, Japanese graphic designer Eiichi Kono was given the job of updating Johnston. Eiichi talks to journalist Simon Garfield, author of Just my type, and Professor Ewan Clayton, author of The Golden Thread, about how he adapted London’s famous alphabet for the digital age.

HTML Special & CSS Day

16 & 17 June 2016

Being the first speaker at last year’s CSS Day meant I could enjoy the other presentations, a number of which rewired my brain when it came to thinking about CSS. I was already considering a return to Amsterdam for this year’s edition, so when I heard that it’s to be preceded by a day devoted to HTML, with eight speakers each speaking about a different element, my attendance was confirmed.

Brand Nieuwe Conference

20 & 21 June 2016

I don’t do much brand identity work, but I find this specialism endlessly fascinating, with Brand New is one of my favourite blogs covering the subject. I’ve long wanted to attend the corresponding conference, yet by taking place in various cities in the US, either cost or distance has prevented me from going. This year, the event is coming to Europe, and in another scheduling coincidence, it’s being held in Amsterdam, just a few days after CSS Day. So after filling one side of my brain with code, I can fill the other with design. Perfect.

This is what I have lined up so far, and I remain on the look out for more events. I’m particularly interested in small (cheap!) conferences and talks, especially those that speak to my interests outside web design and development. Is there anything else I should see? Let me know below, or contact me on Twitter.