• Screenshot of SVGOMG.

    Jake Archibald: Building SVGO’s Missing GUI

    SVGOMG is a wonderful example of how to build a web app in a responsible and accessible way. I asked its creator, Jake Archibald, a few questions about how he designed and developed this native-feeling SVG optimisation app.

  • Apple: It’s Not You, It’s Me

    I tuned in for just a few seconds, but had to turn it off. That’s not enough time to make a reasoned judgement about the content of Apple’s latest keynote of course, but I just couldn’t continue watching.

  • Exploded view of the Olympic Stadium’s construction, showing the permanent and temporary components of its design.

    London’s Olympic Stadium: A Legacy Lost

    Having undergone a £272m conversion, London’s Olympic Stadium is ready to host Premier League football and world-class athletics. With its future secured, what hopes remain for its legacy?