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My intention is this

Goals, resolutions, call you what you will, here are a few ways I intend to become a better, more productive person this year.

More writing, less speaking

Compared to previous years, the archive for 2013 is looking a little forlorn. This is partly due to the number of talks I gave throughout last year. I say talks – I basically gave the same talk, or versions of it – but the mental exhaustion that accompanied these meant I had little time to sit down and draw out further thoughts and conclusions.

This year, I intend to invest more time in writing. We live in interesting times, with many current affairs involving products we or our peers are working on. Having recently started working on such a product myself, in an environment that is still very foreign to me, I’m sure there will be a lot to write about.

More critique, less criticism

I’ve become increasingly cynical about the work of technology start-ups, particularly those emanating from the San Francisco Bay Area. I was already fairly sceptical having worked for one seven (wow, seven!) years ago.

I’d be the first to admit this experience left my pretty jaded, and I’ve come to some pretty ill-considered and simplistic judgements as a result. While there is much to criticise, there is also much to praise; I intend to do both, but backed up with a greater degree of research and forethought. Less tweeting, more blogging.

More Europe, less America

As much as I (supposedly) dislike what America has to offer the world, I’ve spent an awful amount of time on that side of the Atlantic. A weekend in Belgium last year reminded me how much I love Europe, and how I long to see more of it. I think it’s time for another train journey!

More photographing, less processing

I’ve got a metaphorical pile of photos dating back to August that require processing, a task that takes forever to perform. I intend to get better at taking photos (getting out of the habit of point and shoot), but also speed up the time it takes me to shift though and post photos online.

More here, less elsewhere

Speaking of which, with this being the year of homesteading, I’d like to start posting photos (and other content) on this domain rather than with a third-party. A redesign of this site is long overdue, but such a project tends to be unending. I’ll need to keep my requirements modest.

More analogue, less digital

I have a lot of unread books, and also a lot of time spent sat on a train. I intend to spend more time reading those books rather than staring at a small screen. I’m also interested in finding other ways I can reduce digital interference in my life; I guess I should get out more!

More of the same

Of course, there are things I want to continue doing. In terms of personal projects, the first few months of this year will be dedicated to publishing the second section of Bradshaw’s Guide. Barebones is in desperate need of an update, and I’m very happy that Drew has asked me to help out with the tenth anniversary season of 24 ways.

Finally, having bought a house, and started a new job, I intend to invest more time into other aspects of my life that have been neglected – going on just one date a year will hardly result in much success, after all. Oh, and I really should train for that half marathon