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Offscreen Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 1

A day in the life of… Paul Robert Lloyd

I’m woken up early with an ambitiously set alarm. Quickly fall back to sleep.
Woken back up. Get mildly annoyed by breakfast radio, but continue listening as it eventually forces me out of bed.
After showering and cleaning my teeth, I weigh myself on my Wi-Fi scales. Fingers crossed for a low number!
Walking to work probably later than I should be. It’s a brief half-hour stroll, that often involves grabbing a flat white and breakfast bar from Moksha Caffè.
We do a daily stand-up meeting. Everybody in the office says what they did yesterday, what they plan on doing today, and if they have any blockers.
Working on the latest project. Always enjoyable if this involves collaborating with my colleagues.
With stomach rumbling, head to a local cafe. A popular choice right now is Toast of Brighton; their Lazy Morris fish-finger sandwich is one of my favourites at the moment.
Working. One or two days a week I may go swimming with my colleagues, Andy and Josh.
Still working. If I’m in a particularly generous mood, I may make a round of tea!
By this point, Fireworks has probably crashed five times, and is now deciding whether to do so again. If I’m working with a client in America, then now is when I would have a catch-up meeting over Skype.
Finishing off the day, perhaps posting a few messages for a client in Basecamp.
Walk home, earphone in, listening to whatever is my favourite album of the moment. Right now it’s Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto, but don’t hold that against me!
If it’s Friday, I’ll be in the pub. Otherwise you’ll find me running at the local park, part of my preparation for next year’s Brighton Marathon – gulp!
Maybe writing a blog post. Perhaps processing some holiday photos in Aperture. Even better, having dinner with friends. The personal stuff.
Watching TV, catching up with RSS feeds, or replying to emails. If I’m not watching TV, perhaps watching a James Bond film instead. I’m currently going through the entire series, inspired by 5by5’s Talk Show podcast.
Thinking of going to bed, but probably catching up with friends in San Francisco over IM which continues for another hour or two.
Finally, bedtime. Wishing I had done so sooner.