• Me and my fellow Games Makers in the Olympic Park.

    My life as a Games Maker

    They say change is as good as a rest. With early morning commutes, a distinctive uniform and interaction with the general public, volunteering at the London 2012 Paralympic Games couldn’t have been further removed from the desk-bound job I’d become weary of.

  • Olympic Opening Ceremony rehearsals.

    Once in a lifetime

    Olympics happen once every four years. Most are unlikely to ever experience them in their own country. I get shivers whenever I see banners with the Olympic Rings on them. This is once in a lifetime event, and I intend to make the very most of it.

  • Scene from Dr. Strangelove.

    How I learned to stop worrying and love responsive images

    Last week I was invited to Responsive Summit, a face-to-face discussion about Responsive Web Design. We talked about what we’ve learnt so far, the problems we’re continuing to face and things we’d like to change.