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Littlehampton, England

British triumph coming shortly

Americans are quite a competitive race, an admirable trait given the countless wars they’ve lost and their inability to build a desirable automobile. In fact, I’m inclined to believe the only American success is to be found at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

History may have told a different story had their pesky ancestors just paid their taxes instead of getting into a tizzy and declaring independence from us British.

Sadly, I have yet to convince my friend Kyle, who believes 1776 was his country’s finest hour. I should mention that Kyle lives in Los Angeles, a city built on top of the San Andreas Fault. Just incredible.

If common sense and the passage of history aren’t enough to prove that the Treaty of Paris was a colossal error on the part of our colonial cousins, then a challenge via the Nike+ website will have to demonstrate British superiority instead.

The challenge: who can run the most miles over the course of March. You can follow its progress with the widget on the right, and provide encouragement in the comments below. Bring it!

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