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Taking flight

My previous site had a very personal bias, yet in retrospect the most interesting posts were those not about my own life, but commentary and thoughts on topics that interested me in the news and the world around me. As I move to this new (and more grown-up sounding) domain, so I would like to spend more time writing about these subjects.

I hope that my interest in areas such as the British broadcasting landscape (with particular attention focused on the BBC and public service broadcasting), politics (both here and the United States) and travel, will have a more lasting value and also engage readers. I also wish to write more about current design trends, branding, interaction design and user experience. Considering this is what I do for a living, it is perhaps a little unforgivable that I didn’t do so much of this previously.

With the intent to write more about my travels, whilst travelling (indeed the next three weeks see me visit Seattle, Chicago, DC and a return to San Francisco), I can now associate each entry with a location, and also link to related photos I upload to my Flickr stream.

The latest of such entries, documenting my three days aboard the California Zephyr is finally available, but you may also like to revisit some older travel related posts – all updated to benefit from the new wider format allowing for bigger photos within entries.

For those looking for a more detailed overview of the technology behind the new site, the Colophon is your friend.

I’m considering today’s launch very much a pre-release affair. I’m still not settled on the design, and I wasn’t able to port some of my favourite ‘vintage’ articles across before I set off for the States, but these will come in time.

Please let me know your thoughts on the new direction and design (and any bugs you run into) in the comments below.

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