Every interview with a politician about Brexit:
Presenter: “So, what happens next?”
Politician: “Well, what happened was…”

Stan & Ollie is a love letter to two comedy maestros and their enduring friendship. With hilarious support from their wives (“two double acts for the price of one”), this funny and heartwarming film is not to be missed.

Remembering that one time in 2005 when I accidentally deleted a construction company’s website while moving some files around over FTP. Simpler times maybe, but not necessarily better times.

Seeking a hybrid design/front-end role with an organisation instigating meaningful change where I can make a worthwhile contribution. Not interested in disrupting the world, just improving it a little. Where should I be looking? Who should I be talking to?

Quite pleased with the accessibility improvements I’ve made to my site’s search form – aided enormously by the examples in WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices, which provide a real sense of the various interactions you need to account for when creating such complex components.

I really want to recommend services like @netlify, but the lesson from history is to avoid pushing one particular company or product. I recommended people use Google once, and look how that turned out.

This self-aggrandising video for the new set of Microsoft Office icons seems so overblown and unnecessary, verging on parody almost. I mean, they look lovely… but maybe tone it down a little!?

Did I see the Northern Lights? Yes… just about. Do I want to share the blurry, doubly exposed and incredibly noisy photos I took? Not so much.

‪Feeling uplifted and inspired after a day exploring adjacent possibilities around the web and technology at Material 2018. Just what the doctor ordered.

‪I’m a huge fan of Inside No. 9, but just watched the live episode on iPlayer and feeling underwhelmed. It all seemed a bit obvious, with the story spoon fed to the audience and relying too heavily on pre-recorded material. Maybe it worked better on the night?‬

Eating a jacket potato, which given the last few bedridden days, is quite an achievement.

The Good Place is a quirky comedy that continually reinvents itself while keeping ethics and moral philosophy at its heart. It’s worth your time… although perhaps not an entire Sunday.

In what has become something of a tradition, preparing myself for re-entry into Britain with a final taste of Europe: a Belgian waffle and a can of Jupiler.