Forthcoming Attractions

With a New Year resolution to get out more, I share a few events I’ve recently bought tickets for. Who knows, you might be interested in them too.

2015 in Review

I wasn’t going to write about 2015, but reading a few end-of-year reviews has encouraged me to attempt the same, so here goes…

Responsive Answers Revisited

Justin Avery, who curates Responsive Design Weekly, asked me to revisit the four questions I answered as part of an interview series in 2013. Here are my answers.

Peaceful Reflection

Ten years ago today, I boarded United Airlines flight 955 from London Heathrow to San Francisco. Here’s what happened next.

Little Gems

The hackability provided by Jekyll’s plugin architecture has brought about an unexpected consequence: I’m starting to learn Ruby.

Taking the Plunge (And Coming Up for Air)

Freelancing can sometimes feel like a roller coaster of emotions, and this post finds me at one of its lowest points. Eight months in, now seems like a good time to consider the ride taken so far, and consolidate some of the lessons learnt.