Star Wars iPad Briefing

Another Adam Buxton YouTube classic:

A long time ago, in a galaxy blah blah away… Big Jobs does his best to convince a skeptical Rebel Alliance that the i-Pad really is a game changer.

Learning to Sketch

With Dave Gray speaking at this year’s UX London, Andy asked if he would then visit Brighton and run a sketching workshop for everyone at Clearleft.

An Opportunity For Change

As an era of Labour government led by Gordon Brown surely comes to an end, I reflect on my changing political attitudes and the decision I’ll be making at the ballot box this coming Thursday.

Green My South By

Once again, I feel the duty falls upon me to remind those attending this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, that you really need not pick up that big, heavy, cumbersome and frankly useless bag of marketing junk.

A Green Focus

I ended my review of 2009 promising to write more about green issues and how I plan to lessen my impact on the environment. Now I expand on those ideas further.

Logo Spotting

My love of detail is often reaffirmed by my noticing the almost inconsiderable tweaks in the designed environment around me.

2009 in Review

Holiday and illness means this is the latest I’ve got round to writing a yearly review. Whilst today is possibly the latest I can get away with such a post, I still think it’s important to reflect on the achievements of the previous twelve months.

Celebrating the New Year in Sydney

Celebrating the New Year in Sydney

Since visiting Sydney in 2003 I’ve been longing to return. In the intervening years I’ve visited more cities and for a time considered Chicago to be my new favourite – understandable given my love of architecture. As I flew over Sydney Harbour I quickly realised I was wrong.

Absolutely, Positively, Wellington

Absolutely, Positively, Wellington

From Nelson I reluctantly headed back to Wellington, cursing myself for not having an itinerary that continued south. However, Wellington will remain the most memorable city of this trip, although perhaps not entirely for the right reasons.

A Small Taste of the South Island

A Small Taste of the South Island

Having arranged my flights into and out of New Zealand before I had decided upon a full itinerary – departing from Wellington rather than an airport further south – meant I had little time to really explore the South Island.

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