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An experienced freelance digital designer and web developer, I help responsible organisations around the world create purposeful digital products.

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I’ve worked for design agencies, start-ups and established brands in the fields of journalism (Channel 4 News, the Guardian), technology (Mozilla, Ning), non-profits (UNICEF, DACS) and retail (John Lewis, Nuts.com).

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Digital Design & Development

With a background in graphic design, my work is focused on interface design for native applications and the web. I value cohesiveness, attention to detail, and creating products that can be used by everyone.

Paul is an excellent designer and front-end developer. He has a lot of experience working with UX designers and researchers, and is comfortable collaborating in that tricky zone where a project is a tangle and needs careful unpicking before being put back together again.

Harry Brignull, Independent UX Consultant

Realising early in my career that you can’t truly appreciate an interactive and fluid medium like the web inside Photoshop, I expanded my skill set to encompass web development. I employ pragmatic front-end architecture practices that progressively enhance semantic HTML with modular CSS and unobtrusive JavaScript.

I’m familiar with CSS preprocessors (Sass, Less), task runners (Grunt, Gulp), content management systems (Jekyll, Kirby, Perch) version control (Git) and project planning software (Jira, Trello). I typically produce documentation like style guides and pattern portfolios to ensure the code I hand over is maintainable and extensible by internal teams.

Living in Brighton means I’m within commuting distance of London. I’m also happy to work with companies located further afield, on-site or remotely (but ideally a mixture of the two). Where possible, I advocate working alongside other designers, developers and researchers within your organisation.

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Public Speaking

An accomplished speaker, I’ve been featured at events around the UK and Europe. Working at the intersection of graphic design and web development means my talks (and articles) typically advocate collaborative practice, design systems and embracing the universal nature of the web.

I’m currently speaking about the principles underlying responsive web design, but can develop a talk more attuned to your particular event or audience.

I believe conferences and meet-ups should offer a safe space for speakers and attendees, so I only accept invitations to speak at events that publish and uphold a code of conduct.

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