North America 2011

Washington, D.C. to San Francisco via the Canadian cities of Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

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  • Continuing Adventures in America

    Before I write about my most recent travels across Canada and the United States, I address the hypocrisy of taking such a trip.

  • Back in the District

    My North American adventure started in Washington DC, ostensibly to attend a conference, but it was also an excuse to see Shannon, who graciously planned a tour of the city.

  • Onwards to Ottawa

    After Washington, it was on to another North American capital, Ottawa, a city with no end of ATMs unwilling to accept my debit card.

  • A Taste of Toronto

    Some cities are best arrived at by air, while some are best approached by car. Others are best suited to arrival by train. Toronto is one such city.

  • Across the Salish Sea

    After eight days exploring North America, it was time to visit its more westerly extremities, starting with Saltspring Island.

  • Vibrant Vancouver

    In the front seat of a float plane, I enjoyed a breathtaking view of Vancouver as I descended into its harbour. For such a densely populated city, I’d arrived somewhere small and friendly.