Australasia 2009

Ending the decade down under, visiting Auckland, Wellington, Picton and Nelson in New Zealand before heading to Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.

Items in this collection

  • Ending the Decade Down Under

    I’ve long held two ambitions. The first: to return to Australia before this decade is out. The second: to welcome in a New Year on Sydney Harbour before I turn 30.

  • My LA Ex

    I hoped that almost missing my flight would be the worst my trip to New Zealand would have to offer, but thanks to overzealous immigration officials at LAX, that was nothing but a minor blip.

  • Auckland: A City in Search of Itself

    Before the tan disappears I’d like to record my short journey across New Zealand and Australia. So over the next few days, I’ll describe how I ended the decade down-under.

  • A Small Taste of the South Island

    Having arranged my flights into and out of New Zealand before deciding upon an itinerary, meant I had little time to really explore the South Island.

  • Absolutely, Positively, Wellington

    Wellington will remain the most memorable stop on my brief tour of New Zealand, although perhaps not entirely for the right reasons.

  • Celebrating the New Year in Sydney

    Since visiting Sydney in 2003, often considered which city in the world might be my favourite. As I flew over Sydney Harbour I realised there was no contest.

  • Magical Melbourne

    After two and a half weeks exploring various cities, it was finally on to Melbourne, the final stop on my short tour of Australasia.