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Exploring the design, development and meaning of web content, with a special on web standards and best practice.

The Web Aesthetic

When every device begs to be connected, it has become easier — almost necessary — to accept the adaptable nature of the web. Responsive web design is an emerging best practice, and our layouts are becoming more flexible. But often, innovation is focused on technical implementations while the visual aesthetic remains ignored. To put it another way, we’re embracing “responsive” but neglecting the second part: “design.” Now is the time to seek out an aesthetic that is truer to the medium.

Thinking Responsively: A Framework for Future Learning

Responsive web design changed everything about how we think and work on the web. Five years on, we’re still exploring the best ways to approach our practice. If we want a web that is truly universal, we must consider our users, our medium, and our teams in new, adaptable ways. Looking at where we’ve come from and where we’re going, I propose a philosophical framework for our work on the responsive web.