Discussion: An Apple by Any Other Name

Mark Otto

I’ve got a similar setup, naming all my Apple gear… except mine are named after elderly women.

  • MBP: Blanche
  • 30" Cinema Display: Estelle
  • iPhone: Maude
  • iPod: Edith
  • External HD1: Rosemary
  • External HD2: Agnes

Helps me make my workspace my own… everyone knows their names around the office, too :).

Sam Hardacre

This is a great idea. Unfortunately I’ve no specific naming conventions with the exception of my external hard drives which I named after cartoon characters (Zim and GIR). I might stretch the cartoon naming convention out to my iPhone and other devices but I might try and find something a little more interesting :)

Andrew Yates

Never named any Apple stuff anything different from the normal “Andrew Yates’ X”. Sounds a pretty cool idea, I like the HMS Discovery idea alot.

I wondered what I could use to name all of my Apple gear.