An Apple by Any Other Name


Paul Annett

Our home network is the 100 Acre Wood, with the various devices being named after the characters who inhabit it.

Andrew Yates

Never named any Apple stuff anything different from the normal “Andrew Yates’ X”. Sounds a pretty cool idea, I like the HMS Discovery idea alot.

I wondered what I could use to name all of my Apple gear.

Sam Hardacre

This is a great idea. Unfortunately I’ve no specific naming conventions with the exception of my external hard drives which I named after cartoon characters (Zim and GIR). I might stretch the cartoon naming convention out to my iPhone and other devices but I might try and find something a little more interesting :)

Mark Otto

I’ve got a similar setup, naming all my Apple gear… except mine are named after elderly women.

  • MBP: Blanche
  • 30” Cinema Display: Estelle
  • iPhone: Maude
  • iPod: Edith
  • External HD1: Rosemary
  • External HD2: Agnes

Helps me make my workspace my own… everyone knows their names around the office, too :).